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Lace dress with asymmetric flounce

15800 грн
Lace midi dress with asymmetrical flounce.- French Chantilly lace...

Velvet dress with lace

12800 грн
Midi velvet dress in sea-green color with lace...

Midi dress with buttons and belt

8600 грн
Midi dress with buttons and belt. Available in red and yellow colors...

Midi dress with front lacing

8600 грн
Midi dress with front lacing. Available in red, beige and yellow colors...

Assymetric dress with a sewn-in belt

9800 грн
An assymetric dress with a sewn-in belt is perfect for creating stylish casual looks. Combo of jeans..

Silk midi dress with ruffles

7500 грн
Silk dress with lace decoration, ruffles and a removable belt. It can be a basics of romantic look.-..

Silk midi drawstring dress with deep cuts

21280 грн
A combined dress of 100% Italian silk with a side cut is perfect both for stylish office l..

Jersey tunic with portable belt

4500 грн
Knitted sundress that should be worn with a blouse or a T-shirt will look great with high ..

Jersey sport printed dress with vent detail

6900 грн
This dress from Italian jersey with a front cut and a glitter print is very comfortable to..

Jersey midi drawstring soft sleeved dress with removable belt

12160 грн
Dress from jersey made in Italy with a lowered shoulder line, ties, wide cuffs and a remov..

Jersey midi drawstring dress with contrasted cargo pockets

10260 грн
Casual cozy dress of jersey made in Italy in a soft powder color. - machine wash cold W..

Fitted midi dress with ruffles

11000 грн
A fitted midi dress with a silk organza basque with a removable belt. Smart and elegant, i..

Fitted dress with deep neckline

6200 грн
Fitted denim mini dress decorated with French lace. - hand wash in cold water ..

Slip dress with one sleeve and vent detail

13680 грн
This slipdress is made of details - flared sleeve, geometric cut, layering of fabrics. Per..

Midi wrap dress with contrast belt and decorative garter

14820 грн
This wrap dress with contrasting elements was included in the September 2018 selection of ..

Midi dress with lampasas on the sleeves and decorative garter

13300 грн
Elegant flowing dress in the oriental style of rich eggplant color with contrasting decora..

Asymmetric dress with removable belt

9120 грн
A light viscose dress with a lowered shoulder line is one of the key characteristics of th..
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